The Pedestrian-Bicycle Infrastructure Maintenance Request Form

It is difficult for the City of Asheville to be everywhere and know about all the repairs that need to be made around our community. The Asheville Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force and Asheville On Bikes have decided it would be helpful to have citizen involvement in finding problems around town. Therefore, we have made available the Pedestrian & Bicycle Infrastructure Maintenance Request Form.

We have communicated with the various city departments to alert them that these requests would be occurring. We ask that as you go about your daily travels you keep a lookout for areas of sidewalk or roads that have hazardous conditions that would cause a pedestrian or bicyclists problems and that you use this form to let the city department know of the repair need. Please be as clear as possible in your description of location and what needs to be repaired.
Proceed to the Pedestrian & Bicycle Infrastructure Maintenance Request Form